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If you are interested in becoming a Prayer Warrior, please email me to be put on the list. I'm looking for many believers from the many traditions that are out there.  Each prayer request will be sent out to our prayer warriors.  

An example of a prayer request is the following: 

  • Please pray that Jane has a successful surgery on Monday. 
  • Please pray for my mother, that she comes to Christ.
  • Please pray that my husband and I resolve our marriage difficulties.
  • Please pray for my unborn child, that he/she will be healthy.

It's my hope that all believers come together to give praise and glory to God our Father through prayer.  In the book Heaven is for Real, Pastor Burpo calls his church to activate their prayer chain.  In Luke ch. 5, with the healing of the Paralytic who is lowered through the roof to be healed by Jesus,we see how the faith of others can benefit those who need our prayers and faith.  In the cleansing of a Leper, the story concludes with Luke, ch. 5, drawing our attention to Jesus' source of strength; he slips away from the crowds to be alone and he prays.  

In Christ,

Ron Zell